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New Tram from Galicia for Soller?

Soller tram company wants to buy an old tram from Galicia

Ever since one of its trams was involved in an accident with a car, the old tramway from Soller down to Puerto Soller has been 'playing with a man short and no substitutes available.' Obviously the tram company want to rectify this shortage to provide a much loved tourist service in the summer but 100 year old trams are getting difficult to come by.

tram from galicia

The answer to the problem could very well be way across Spain in the city of La Coruña in Galicia. It had a tram system built in 1913, exactly the same year as Soller's, which had not been used for years until 1997 when the trams were employed on a tourist tram service along the city's Atlantic coastline. The line was closed in 2011 and the trams have been sitting in a shed since then.

The Soller company wants to buy one of these (photo above via Wiki) and the Galicians are currently mulling over an offer. Plan B is to try to buy another of the Lisbon trams to join the ones currently in use (photo below via me) in Mallorca.

Here's a potted history of the Soller tram from one of our articles

"Built by the engineer Pere Garau, who now has a Plaza bearing his name in Palma, the tramway has a 3 feet gauge (the same as the Isle of Man trams) and covers a distance of nearly 5 kilometres and calls at 17 halts between the town and the port. The original electrically powered trams, numbers 1, 2, and 3 were built in Zaragoza and later, 5 other units (20 to 24) were bought from the Lisbon tram system as passenger demand grew. Two of the open carriages in use to day had once plied their trade as part of the now defunct Palma tram system until they were bought for Soller in 1954!"

Coincidentally, the tram on the wanted list in La Coruña started its life in Lisbon so will be a perfect match in Soller. Whatever happens the new trams will have to be modified to fit the yard wide rails in Soller as the Lisbon trams use a 900mm gauge and the La Coruña ones are a metre gauge.

tram in puerto soller

Hopefully a deal can be concluded and modifications made before the main tourist season as the tram enables us all not only to travel from A to B but also back in time!