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Obama for Palma?

Queen Letizia invites the Obamas to Mallorca

Following the recent official visit of King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain to the USA where the were received at the White House by President Obama and the First Lady, Michelle Obama, the Queen has returned the hospitality given them by inviting the Obamas to Mallorca.

queen letizia and michelle obama

The visit will most likely take place next summer when the couple will stay at the Marivent Palace on the outskirts of Palma, the traditional summer residence of the royal family for many years. It's the first time the new King and Queen will have had official visitors, but over the years the palace has seen some illustrious guests; The Clintons, Charles and Diana, The Emperor of Japan, and Queen Noor of Jordan to name just a few!

The invitation to the Obamas has not been officially accepted yet, though an affirmative answer is thought likely as Michelle Obama has visited Mallorca before, in August 2010, when she and daughter Sasha spent a holiday here at Marivent when she and Letizia got on famously together. Both women have much in common; a love of fashion and caring charitable work being their main interests.

A Presidential visit would no doubt give a massive publicity boost to Mallorca but also incur much cost in time, effort and planning, with US security people arriving weeks in advance to make preparations, check out facilities like the airport, hospitals and so on to cover any eventualities.

Will it all be worth it? What do you think?


Our photo is from Michelle Obama's Twitter account