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King James festival in Santa Ponsa

Moors, markets, Christians, fireworks, battles and a Holi colour fest

Looking at it today, you'd never know that Santa Ponsa played a pivotal role in the history of Mallorca. This well know resort town was the scene of the first footfall of the Christian reconquest of the island when troops led by the Catalan King Jaume I (Jaime in Spanish, James in English) landed on September 9th 1229.

The rest is history, the Christians won, the Moors lost and from 1929 the good people of Santa Ponsa have been celebrating their release from Muslim culture with a big party every year. 2015 is no different and the whole week set aside for fun and games will historical, musical, cultural and sporting elements.

battle reenactment, santa ponsa

The main feature, and one popular with everybody, both young and old, is the recreation of the battle between the Saracens – wearing the crescent moon of Allah – and the Christians bearing the cross of Jesus on their standards. It's a good old free for all, medieval style, with everyone kitted out in uniform and the balsa wood furniture brought out for the occasion!

So, what else can we tourists see that'll keep us entertained and amused? I've selected the best of the fest, and here it is;

6/9, 18:30 – parade of the giants, 21:30 – folk dancing

7/9, 18:30 – street circus with acrobats, jugglers, clowns parading the streets

8/9, 19:00 – theatrical re-enactment of the king's landing, 21:00 – Castellers, human castles reach for the sky, 22.00 – Correfoc, fire belching demons run amok in the streets, 23:30 concert by BOC.

9/9, 21:30 – presentation of the battle standards, a theatrical spectacular, 22:30, concert by the municipal band.

10/9, 12:00 to 00:00 – Medieval market on the paseo for 4 days.

11/9, 20:00 – grand parade of the Moors, 22.30 80's concert with La Movida band.

12/9, 17:00 re-enactment of the battle on the beach, 22:00 Hotmix pop concert.

13/9, 19:00 – Holi festival with multicoloured water and powder, 22:30 – grand fireworks display on the beach.

So, plenty for everybody there, and if you're lucky enough to be staying in Santa Ponsa at the time, don't miss it – you'll find an information booth in the main square. For the rest of us, there's a Facebook page.....