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Mallorca news round up

The Mallorca stories that hit the headlines this weekend

Mallorca's favourite son, Rafa Nadal, won his 9th French Open title at Roland Garros in Paris when he beat Novak Djokovic on the clay court
in four sets. His win sets a record for French title wins and Rafa is now level pegging with Pete Sampras with 14 major titles under his belt.

Real Mallorca's footballers produced the goods on Saturday in Cordoba when they saved the club from ignominious relegation
to the third division. Two plane loads of fans followed them to the south of Spain for a do or die match in which both teams mathematically needed maximum points. Other results meant that a point
each gave Cordoba a place in the promotion play-offs and saved Mallorca from the drop.

It looks like the island won't be hosting the royal family's summer holidays for the first time in a long time this year. King Juan Carlos has been a regular visitor to Mallorca since his boyhood,
but his son Felipe, who after his father's abdication, will become King on June 19th will be busy with official engagements around the world through July and August.

The hottest weather in Spain could be found in Mallorca over the weekend. Temperatures around the island were well into the 30's with many places hitting 36 degrees centigrade. Soller experienced a
baking 39 degrees due a meteorological condition known as the Foehn, a type of dry, warm, down-slope wind that occurs in the lee (downwind side) of a mountain range.