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Mallorca style: Pret-a-Portals

Puerto Portals hosts its second Fashion Weekend in November

The glitzy, glamorous world of fashion returns to glitzy, glamorous Puerto Portals on the 1st and 2nd of November. The second edition of the Pret-a-Portals Fashion Weekend promises to be even
bigger and better than last year's because of the added X Factor of Javier Escobar tasked with its organisation.

Through his Buque Studio Escobar has organised some of the biggest national, social and fashion events in the country over the years; the Barcelona Olympics, the opening of the Bilbao Guggenheim,
society weddings and Tom Ford catwalk shows testify to his credentials!

He'll be bringing his special magic and glitter dust to the already seriously fashionable Portals to turn it into a centre for fashion, beauty, wellness and lifestyle with its HQ in a cool seafront
marquee. This will house an exhibition of 'looks' created by five Spanish fashionistas - Lidia Delgado, Jose Miró, Ángel Schelesser, Roberto Torretta and Juan Vidal - using clothes from the
upmarket boutiques on the port.

There will also be catwalks featuring this season's must haves and trends, styling and make-up workshops, master classes from the pros and beauty and personal care stands. And if this wasn't
enough, there are plenty of opportunities to eat drink and be merry, courtesy of the myriad bars and restaurants on the port and lots of live music laid on!

Sounds like a great end of season escape and a chance to live a jet-set lifestyle before jetting back into the office on Monday morning! Hasta la vista, fashionista!