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Palma Twitter photo furore

If a picture is worth a thousand words......

Then the politicians have used a whole dictionary full on the vexed topic of the image of Palma. The other day the Spanish National Tourist authority, Turismo de España, tweeted a photo showing a
characterful old street to illustrate that Palma was not all about beaches. Fair enough, but what got the politician's ire was that the photo was the Pueblo Español, a replica 'village' in Palma which illustrates Spanish
architecture through the ages in terms of some of its most famous monuments.

Top of the list of moaners are the socialists – currently the opposition party, whose job is to oppose anything the government says – who claim the photo demonstrates unprofessionalism, lack of
gravity and lack of knowledge of the city.  They suggest that a better image would be the cathedral or the Paseo del Borne for example, which is possibly true.

The problem is that Turismo de España is catering to a gigantic audience – well over 50 million foreign tourists visit Spain each year – and there is no one image of such a multi-faceted country
that they can project. What do you choose; beaches, bullfights, nightlife, architecture, history, culture, gastronomy, who knows?

Ask different people their image of Mallorca and the answers that will pop up could be beaches, clubs, golf, food, boats, theme and water parks, sports and many more. Like it or like it not, Palma
itself attracts upscale, independent holidaymakers who stay in its hotels and apartments on short breaks, however many, many more of its visitors are day trippers on package holidays to the
island's beach resorts for whom a stroll around the Pueblo Español would be an attractive option?

Apart from a bit of hurt pride, I don't think the photo does any harm at all, it actually looks quite attractive! If you fancy a trip, Pueblo Español, which dates back to the 60's, is on the hop on
hop off tourist bus route near Bellver Castle and has mixed reviews on Tripadvisor. It's open every day 9 to 5 (and until 6 in summer except Sundays.)