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Mallorca architecture in the Venice Biennale

The restoration project of a Palace in Palma goes on show in Venice.

Two architect's practices from Palma have been honoured by having one of their projects included in the prestigious 14th Venice Architecture Biennale which takes place in the serene city from 7th
June until 23rd November.

They've been chosen to exhibit amongst Spain's top architects because of their work on Palau Balaguer, a grand, but faded Baroque palace which glowers over Calle Union in the centre of Palma. The
theme of the Biennale, curated by the controversial Rem Koolhass, is to show that in architecture, buildings can be built or modernised, yet still retain typical local characteristics!

The two firms, María José Duch and Francisco Pizá, and Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores have been overseeing the restoration of the building since 2008 and hope to have it completed by 2015, which
gives an idea of the scale of the project.

Dating back to the 18th Century it was originally the home of the Marqués del Reguer, then a musician, Josep Balaguer (from whom its present name is derived,) who then gave it to Palma Council when
it was used as the headquarters of the Círculo de Bellas Artes.

Destined once again to a home of culture, performances a museum and the ubiquitous cafe bar, the building has undergone a transformation to make if safe from the threat of collapse that once hung
over it, and new modern features are being installed to open it up to the light which floods in from above.

Walls built to enclose the magnificent patio (Palma is famous for them) will be demolished to open the building up and the cafe will be placed in this area leading onto one of the city's medieval

As you can see from the photographs, the transformation being carried out is startling to say the least and well
worthy of a spot in Venice where surely, it will enhance Mallorca's reputation as not only the home for some magnificent buildings, but also of brilliant architects!

Don't forget that if you are on the island, there are guided tours of Palma's patios and Modernist/Art Nouveau buildings!