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Modernism and the Maghreb in Soller

Can Prunera Modernist Museum hosts an exhibition of North African paintings

An exhibition of colourful paintings of the souks, narrow alleyways, small squares and street-life of Morocco and Tunisia has just opened in Soller's Modernist Museum, Can Prunera.

They're all the work of Jesus Camargo, an artist from Granada, home of the most famous Moorish Palace ever, the Alhambra, yet whose interest in all things North African was ironically inspired by a
visit to the Arab Baths in Palma!

Titled 'The Maghreb Returns Home,' the exhibition pays homage to a time when Mallorca was known as Al Mayurqa by the occupying Arabs and the paintings are the very essence of Al-Andalus, the
medieval Muslim state in Europe.

If that hasn't piqued your interest for a trip to the museum then perhaps I can tempt you with a few words about the building itself – it's fantastic! Can Prunera is a grand house in Soller's main
shopping street which once belonged to wealthy merchants who had emigrated to France and made a fortune.

When they returned to Soller in the early 1900's they had the house constructed in the most fashionable French style Art Nouveau, also popular across the sea in Barcelona and known as Modernism.
Nobody knows for sure who built the house, but it is suspected that it was Joan Rubió y Bellver who also built the Bank of Soller in the town's main square.

A trip to see the house is an absolute must as not only does it give us the voyeuristic pleasure of looking round someone else's home, but demonstrates how the wealthy family lived and filled their
home with the finest furniture and decoration of the time with marvellous sideboards, tables, wardrobes, ornate staircases and every room with wonderful and different tiles. It compares well with
Gaudi's La Pedrera apartment in Barcelona, but with a little more elegance and a little less bling!

All throughout the year Can Prunera is filled with Modernist works of art from paintings, to sculptures, to ceramics, from the servants quarters in the basement to the high loft via the beautiful
gardens. If you like the style, elegance and art of an age gone by, then this is the place for you. It's only €5 (€3 concessions) to get in and kids under 12 go free.

The Maghreb exhibition is on until 4th May from 10.30 until 18.30 in Calle Luna, Soller.

Why not take a trip there on the train?