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Green Light for Green Way

Work on the new 'Via Verde' finally starts.

Last October we told you about the new 'Green Way,' a linear park running along 28 km of disused railway track from Manacor to Arta which was to be operational from June this year. Well this week
they STARTED work on the project and are due to finish in about 6 months, so just a slight delay on the original plans!

However the good news is that the project will not cost the estimated €5.5 million to complete as originally thought. The actual cost has been pared down to €4.3 million, possibly due to the
intense competition amongst construction companies at the tender stage. On that front the news is that not one, but five 'companies' (various companies have come together in temporary joint
ventures for the project) have been selected to do the job, and each will have a separate stretch of track to reform.

To reiterate, the plan is to convert the old railway tracks into a Green Way (Via Verde) for the use and enjoyment of the public for walking, cycling, picnicking and generally appreciating nature
and the pleasant surroundings and landscape. As well as rest areas, thousands of new trees and new fencing, the plan now involves CCTV cameras controlled and monitored from the rail company's HQ in
Palma for the safety of the way's users.

There's also a plan to convert the old station buildings – which are little architectural gems – with the aid of private companies' investment though as yet what they will become is an unknown
quantity. Can I suggest a nice cafe with public toilets as a number one priority for the stations' use?

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