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GinTapa Calvia 2014

Three weekends of tapas, beer, wine and gin and tonics at fantastic prices

You've got to hand it to the tourist bosses in Calvia. They really do pull out all the stops to attract people to the area when the high season is over to keep the resorts ticking over and
promoting what the Spanish call 'deseasonalisation.'

Within the Calvia boundaries lie the very, very different resorts and areas like Santa Ponsa, Palmanova, Portals and of course Magalluf, infamous for a very small area of scandalous behaviour and
beloved by the British tabloids. So a difficult marketing task indeed.

So, this weekend the very successful GinTapa gastro-route takes place again. To refresh your memories 55 bars and restaurants serve up their finest tapas, wines, beers and G&T's at rather good
prices; €1 for each tapa, beer or wine and €3 or €5 for a small or large gin tonic!

Now remember that Gin is the fashion drink in Spain these days with a myriad of premium gins and tonics available. Everything has to be just so to make the perfect G&T; the glass, the pouring,
the mixing, the ice, the herbs, spices and fruits – it's a science and an art all at the same time!

To give everyone a chance they've divided Calvia into three zones for the three weekends;

31st October to 2nd November - Santa Ponsa, Costa de la Calma and Peguera

7th to 9th November - Palmanova, Son Caliu, Palmanova, Portals, Bendinat, Costa d’en Blanes, and Cas Català.

14th to 16th November - Calvià and el Toro.

If you fancy sampling some good food and alcohol – remember to drink in moderation – here's what's on offer at Empatheia in Santa Ponsa this weekend; a Rodeo miniburger – Aberdeen Angus beef with
Cheddar cheese and lettuce.

There's a handy information pack available online with all the relevant information including maps, dates,
times, tapas, gins and a series of excuses you can use when you arrive back home 3 days after you went out 'to take the dog for a walk.'