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Christmas plane arrives in Mallorca

Air Berlin's specially decorated Christmas plane touches down in Mallorca

And we don't mean a few baubles and fairy lights when we say decorated! Where other airlines play a few carols over the tannoy in the festive season, Air Berlin have really gone to town, by painting a town along the fuselage of their special Christmas Plane.

Using the Air Berlin Christmas motto, Flying home for Christmas, as its theme, artist Thies Schwarz has painted an 18.7 by 2.3 metre long festive landscape featuring a fairytale village scene with snow covered houses. The artist has cleverly used the actual windows of the plane as the windows for the houses and says that he can't wait to see it at night when the aircraft lights are illuminated.

The plane touched down at Palma airport earlier this week and will do so many times again during December as the airport is one of the main hubs for Air Berlin with many flights to and from Germany all year round. Lucky passengers get to enjoy the Christmas spirit on all their flights at this time with gingerbread or Lebkuchen (a traditional German cake) for all and 1,240,000 Christmas-edition chocolate hearts as token gifts for those on board.

So, if you're flying home to Germany this Christmas let's hope you get to ride on the Christmassy plane and Frohe Weihnachten from Mallorca Spotlight

Thumbnail photo: Günter Wicker