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Piano for Mr. Barenboim!

Update on Daniel Barenboim's July Mallorca concert

As we've already reported, Daniel Barenboim will be giving a rare solo performance on 10th July at the Hotel Barcelo
Formentor's Sunset Classics season. What promises to be a wonderful evening will be enhanced by the presence of the maestro's very own piano, which is being brought to the concert directly from one
of the world's most iconic music venues, La Scala in Milan!

Daniel Barenboim and tenor Rolando Villazón at La Scala

It emulates the actions of Chopin, who also brought his personal piano with him from Paris to use in his monastery cell in Valldemosa during his stay on the island all those years ago. Unlike
Chopin, Barenboim's piano probably won't arrive on the back of a donkey cart for his Pollensa performance, which will feature an homage to the Polish composer so inextricably linked with Mallorca.

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