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Mallorca al Aire Libre

Diario de Mallorca's Instagram photo competition

Mallorca's excellent local paper, the Diario de Mallorca, has been running a competition for its readers to find the best Instagram photo of the island. Entitled Mallorca al Aire Libre (open air) its object is to find the best image of Mallorca's great outdoors which gives plenty of scope for budding Rankins on the island.

The closing date has just passed and there are no less than 524 Instagrams displayed on the paper's online edition which show beautifully the multiplicity of wonderful scenery and activities in Mallorca. Entries show beaches, sunsets, mountains, raging seas, lakes, fields of flowers, agriculture, charming villages, country houses and giant edifices.

If you've ever thought about visiting Mallorca and couldn't decide, then these photos – all presumably taken by local people on their mobile phones – will surely sway you to book your flights!

It's a two part comp, readers vote for their favourite photos and the top twenty are then judged by one of the Diario's professional snappers to pick the overall winner. The prize is a balloon trip over the island courtesy of Mallorca Balloons, which looks fabulous, and can be booked online even if you don't win it as a prize.

Good luck to all in the competition, though I don't envy the judge's job as there are so many great shots – take a look.