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Playa de Palma: Plastic Out!

Palma's big resort, Playa de Palma, is having a major makeover.

Palma's big resort, Playa de Palma, is having a major makeover. City bosses have long been aware that its image as a 'fun' resort is detrimental to its long term prospects and out of step with the
more sophisticated, independent traveller image that the majority of the island has cultivated over the last few years.

To push improvements along, a consortium has been created to implement some big plans for major improvements and capital investment in the resort. However sometimes it's the little things that can
make just as much of an impact, and one of those is the small matter of aesthetics – appearance is all important when trying to project a good image!

To this end, from next summer, every bar, cafe or restaurant which uses public space on the pavement/terrace for its chairs and tables (and that's nearly all of them) will be subject to new rules.
OUT go cheap and nasty plastic chairs and tables in gaudy colours and usually advertising ice-cream, beer or soft drinks, and IN comes furniture made of iron, wood, wicker, cane, bamboo or other
natural materials!

And it doesn't stop there, in the name of aesthetic uniformity, the furniture, and even the big parasols must all be in matching, light tonal shades of beige, ochre and white, for example. Whilst
these measures may sound draconian, they already exist in the historic centre of Palma where the many bar terraces give a pleasing aspect to the city.