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Midnight Martiana

The biggest and most popular tapas 'route' in Palma

The biggest and most popular tapas 'route' in Palma is to have restricted opening hours from now on. The Ruta Martiana, a
brilliant idea to attract customers at its inception, turned into a monster, a noisy one at that, and has now been curtailed by the city council.

Regular readers will know that a dozen bars in the Sa Gerreria area of the city got together to provide pintxos and tapas plus a drink for only €2 every Tuesday (Martes, hence Martiana) evening.

Word quickly spread and the popularity of the 'Ruta' grew rapidly with more and more bars joining up and the scheme extended to Wednesdays and Thursdays. The bars were packed, and with the new
total smoking ban, people spilled out onto the streets late at night, causing many complaints from the neighbours in what was once a quiet area.

Now the council has taken action and declared Sa Gerreria to be a 'ZAC' (acoustically contaminated zone) and has ruled that all the bars must close at midnight in summer (16/5 – 14/10) and 00.30 in

Hopefully this will allow merrymakers to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the route – it really is great fun – and the people who live in the area to get a good night's sleep.