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Airport Parking Uproar

There's even more 'no parking' zones at Palma airport than before

There's even more 'no parking' zones at Palma airport than before as the authorities have closed the short stay zone by Arrivals. In days of yore parking was allowed for 5 minutes so that drivers
could bundle their friends, relatives and luggage into the car for a comfortable, cheap ride home.

However, Police and taxi drivers (surprise, surprise) have been complaining about the chaos caused by motorists (there must be one or two) who have abused the 5 minute rule (that's 5 normal
minutes, not 5 Mallorca minutes) and park forever and a day. Add to this the buffoons who decide to double park and wander off leaving everyone else blocked in and jams soon start to form.

Now, motorists must park in the multi-storey car park which, though free for the first 30 minutes, is still a couple of hundred metres walk (that's putting one foot in front of the other and
repeating the process over and over) from arrivals.

Police are being particularly vigilant around the 5-minutes-free-drop-off-zone on the upper level departures area of the airport. They've second guessed that cunning motorists who can't manage the
'one foot in front of the other' procedure, may try and park there for longer than the allotted time, so beware!